ALEGE!!! Mos Craciun, bradul sau Isus Fiul Lui Dumnezeu



   Traim vremea cind in case in biserici, ieslea cu pruncul Isus sint inlocuite cu Mos Craciun sau Mos Gerila si de bradul frumos impodobit, acesta  fiind  centrul atentiei. Mai mare pret punem pe impodobirea bradului, decit nasterea Domnului Isus.

    Le spunem copiilor daca nu sint cuminti Mos Craciun nu le aduce cadouri. Ce mare neadevar, ce minciuna spusa de noi copiilor nostri care cu toata inima cred ori ce le spunem.

     Le cerem copiilor sa nu minta sa spuna intodeauna adevarul, le spunem ca Dumnezeu a dat o porunca sa nu minti, sa nu fie nimic mai presus ca Dumnezeu, si noi parinti ce facem? exact inversul, exact ce Dumnezeu ne cere sa nu facem.

      Dece in loc de bradul impodobit nu se face o iesle decorate in toate bisericile, in Biblie nu se spune nicaieri despre brad, aceasta este un obicei si o traditie care nu se poate rupe de dragul a nu deranja pe nimeni, sau a nu fi criticati sau a fi considerati prea radicali, sau conservativi, este doar un obicei nevinovat vor spune unii, insa acesta atrage privirea si atentia asupra lui, tocmai ce-a ce displace lui Dumnezeu.

      De cite ori in timpul slujbei privirea noastra este furata de bradul frumos impodobit, si gindul nostru merge in alta parte. Privind la brad sigur nu ne gindim la nasterea Domnului Isus, ne gindim, mai de graba la frumusetea  luminilor, la toate decoratiile puse pe el, si sintem curiosi cine a avut atita imaginatie.

      In schimb daca ar exista un aranjament cu Pruncul Isus in iesle, Maria si Iosiv, pastori si magi, cu siguranta privind acestea, gindul nostru va merge la Bethleem.

      Este Isus centrul sarbatori noastre?, colindul nostru i-L mareste pe Fiul lui Dumnezeu? sau  sarbatorim bradul “o brad frumos”, Mos Craciun-”mos Craciun cu plete dalbe”, alti o preamaresc pe Maria mai mult decit pe Domnul Isus, “ave Maria”, este foarte bine ca Maria sa aiba un loc de cinste dar nici de cum mai sus ca al Domnului Isus. Intilnirile si petrecerile de Craciun aduc cinste Fiului lui Dumnezeu sau ne adunam sa fim impreuna si sa ne simtim bine.

      Haideti dar sa-L onoram si sa-I dam locul de cinste, locul ce I- se cuvine Fiului lui Dumnezeu.


Should Christians participate in Halloween? -Ar Trebui Crestini Sa Participe La Halloween?


My family does not celebrate it or participate in it. We do not believe that our children are „missing out,” and neither do they. We have found that Halloween provides an excellent time to remind our children that, as Christians, we are different, and not of this world (Heb. 11:13-16; 1 Pet. 2:11).

What about church „Harvest Festivals” held on October 31? Although we understand the rational and good intentions behind them, we don’t think they are the best approach. Our family tends to agree with the author of an article called ” <!– –>Are ‘Harvest Parties’ for Christians?” (written by a self-avowed former witch and now active Christian). Harvest parties on October 31 tend to assume that „our children need something to take the place of Halloween, since they won’t be participating in the secular and pagan celebrations. It suggests our kids are missing out on something. And indeed they are, if we allow them to spend Halloween in celebration.” There are better things to do on Halloween than partying.

How do we teach our children to wrestle spiritually?

§         Discourage them from participating in traditional Halloween activities (2 Timothy 2:4). Then tell them why.

§         Encourage them to pray on a regular, daily basis (Ephesians 6:18). Let them know first hand the power that we have in prayer. All Christians should know how to fight on their knees.

§         Remind them to be alert and self-controlled (1 Corinthians 16:13; 1 Thessalonians 5:6). Give them the discipline of knowing it is their responsibility to keep watch. They, themselves, might also become casualties in the war.

§         Make certain they are prepared for battle (Ephesians 6:11). Do they know the truth? Stand on the Word of God? Have faith? Know the gospel? Are they righteous? Are they saved?…

Instead of celebrating, what’s a Christian to do on Satan’s feast day? PRAY! Intercession and spiritual warfare should be the first item on our agenda. It is NOT a last resort!

§         Join with other families in the church. Have the pastor announce a night of spiritual battle. Organize a group of Christians parents and students from your children’s school or homeschool group. As a family, designate the seven nights before October 31 as Family Prayer Outreach nights.

§         Pray for protection. Pray over both those who engage in prayer warfare and over those who will be out trick-or-treating or at Halloween parties. October 31 is a prime recruiting time for witches and Satanists…and a time for interested kids to experiment. Pray that the Lord keeps our kids from falling prey to those who worship the enemy.

§         Pray for discernment. Let the Holy Spirit direct you to specific prayer requests. Pray that the children who are „out there” will somehow „know” to keep away from certain activities. I have relatives who, even though they were not Christians, „knew” that ouija boards and levitation games were dangerous.

§         Pray that the Lord hinder the occult rituals. For four years, I lived in a building which over looked a cemetery where occult ceremonial markings were often found. ON certain occult feast days, usually between midnight and 3am, I would look down into the darkness and kneel at my window binding the demons that controlled the ceremonies. I’ll never know this side of heaven what effect my prayers had. Maybe a potential sacrifice escaped. Maybe the occultists weren’t successful in summoning their demon. Maybe a new, young recruit decided that this was not the lifestyle he thought he wanted.

§         Pray for the salvation of the occultists. Jesus Christ died for those whom Satan holds captive and deceived, for those who mock Him, who deny His deity or His existence. He doesn’t want them to perish, but to come to Him calling Him Father, Lord. Pray the veil is lifted from their eyes, the Lord allows them to see clearly their spiritual condition and their only hope lies in Jesus Christ. Pray also, about whether the Lord would have you take a more active role in bringing the gospel to Satan’s servants.

§         Let your children know that this is effective warfare. They must know their prayers are heard and acted on by our Father. Let them know they can make a difference. Come October 31, they’ll know they have a job to do.


        Christian Answers Network